SharePoint Designer 2010

October 19, 2011

I will highly recommend Penny Coventry’s SharePoint Deisgner 2010 step by step book. I have had a particular interest in workflows over the last few months and have made a great solution for a new employee workflow! Fantastic book and update to the SharePoint world!!
Fairly good price on Amazon:


Optimising a Virtual Machine in a SharePoint 2010 Dev Environment

September 28, 2011

Very, very useful post by Andre.

Troubles opening Windows Explorer from a Document Library in SharePoint 2010

August 4, 2011

Ever come across the issue where a document library refuses to open in Windows Explorer with SharePoint Foundation 2010?

I came across an issue – whenever I opened a document library in Windows Explorer, I was prompted with an Office install set up dialog, requesting for my installation disk.

Yes, I know, strange but it’s true.

To overcome this issue, go to services.msc on your PC/Server and ensure that WebDav client is started. In my case, it was disabled, stopped and well.. enabling it fixed the issue.

Here is a WIKI explaination on what the WebDav client does:

Hope this helps!

Replicating User Profiles with Exchange 2010 and OCS

August 1, 2011

Came across a lovely blog post which goes in depth as to how to set up MySites with Exchange and OCS.

Check out:

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

July 14, 2011

Office 365 was released as an office hosted Microsoft solution, encompassing Microsoft Exchagne, Professional Plus, Lync and SharePoint 2010. This is the BPOS replacement and is worth upgrading your existing solution or see what is on offer .

I have been using the SharePoint Beta release for a while, it’s an easy, simple collaboration piece of software. Pricing wise, it will save your business stacks of money, no server administrator, no backup team to call on, Microsoft deal with this all.

The snag, you’ll need a Microsoft partner to purchase the product. If you’re interested in the Office 365. Also, the pricing can be confusing.

Check the site: for more information or.. contact me ( and I’ll assist you with your perfect plan!

SharePoint Foundation 2010 – Security Token Service unavailable

July 14, 2011

For a while I noticed a Event ID 3 error on my SharePoint deployment.

After much research, the solution to fix this is pretty simple!

Some background info: Under the health analyser, the security token service was marked as a service that could not start.

Event logs showed an error every hour, since the health analyser runs.

Error is:

Log Name:      Application
Source:        System.ServiceModel
Date:          7/14/2011 6:00:00 AM
Event ID:      3
Task Category: WebHost
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          NETWORK SERVICE
Computer:      109-104-81-240
WebHost failed to process a request.
Sender Information: System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment+HostingManager/41149443
Exception: System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException: The service ‘/SecurityTokenServiceApplication/securitytoken.svc’ cannot be activated due to an exception during compilation.  The exception message is: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.. —> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. —> System.InvalidOperationException: The farm is unavailable.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims.SPSecurityTokenServiceManager.get_Local()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPSecurityTokenServiceConfiguration..ctor()
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at System.RuntimeTypeHandle.CreateInstance(RuntimeType type, Boolean publicOnly, Boolean noCheck, Boolean& canBeCached, RuntimeMethodHandle& ctor, Boolean& bNeedSecurityCheck)
at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceSlow(Boolean publicOnly, Boolean fillCache)
at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceImpl(Boolean publicOnly, Boolean skipVisibilityChecks, Boolean fillCache)
at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Boolean nonPublic)
at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceImpl(BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes)
at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes)
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.WSTrust.WSTrustServiceHostFactory.CreateSecurityTokenServiceConfiguration(String constructorString)
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.WSTrust.WSTrustServiceHostFactory.CreateServiceHost(String constructorString, Uri[] baseAddresses)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.SPSecurityTokenServiceHostFactory.CreateServiceHost(String constructorString, Uri[] baseAddresses)
at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.CreateService(String normalizedVirtualPath)
at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.ActivateService(String normalizedVirtualPath)
at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.EnsureServiceAvailable(String normalizedVirtualPath)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.EnsureServiceAvailable(String normalizedVirtualPath)
at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.EnsureServiceAvailableFast(String relativeVirtualPath)
Process Name: w3wp
Process ID: 53044

I resolved this issue by going into IIS, going to the security token application pool, advanced and saw that “enable 32-bit applications” was set to true, change this to false, re-run the analyser and bamb! Problem solved. 🙂


Hope this helps.

Move subsites in WSS 3.0 like you would in MOSS 2007

February 28, 2011

Manage content and structure is a MOSS 2007 feature, but if you were like me trying to figure out a dead simple way to move a site to another URL or location, without backing up, dealing with all the permissions, the answer was in this genius blog: Use STSASM to rename a site to another location.

stsadm -o renameweb -url http://locationofyoursite -newname location/location.

Note, this can only be peformed in the same site collection. Ensure illegal characters are not present in the site move as I saw this morning!

Show All Subsites on a Webpage (without using table of contents web part!)

July 8, 2010

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been lost under the radar when it comes to SharePoint but I am back!

I’ve had a large collection of subsites and no matter how much I tweaked the master.xml file that controls the number of sites you can have on a drop down menu, my table of contents web part simply would not display all subsites. Annoying.

However, a stroke of luck brought me to Michael Wilcox’s blog and here’s how you display a subsite on a webpage using SPDesigner 2007:

You can use SharePoint Designer to show a list of sub sites in a MOSS site.

An example of a sub site is a document workspace. An overview of all available sub sites provides an easy way for users to navigate to these workspaces.

1) Open your site in SharePoint Designer

2) Open the Data Source Library task pane

3) Connect to the XML Web Service that provides information about the sub sites.

 4) Add the information to your home page

You can drag and drop the newly created data source to your home page. A list of sub sites will be shown.

5) Change the way the information is shown.

By default a plain list of the sub sites will be shown. You can change this list, and for instance make the URL’s clickable. As you hover over the title field, right click and select:

  • Data Field: Title
  • Format as: Hyperlink

6) Amend the rest of the layout to suit your design.

Thanks Michael!

Compare Microsoft 2007 Versions

October 27, 2009

Came across this excellent post with integrates version history in SharePoint with Microsoft Office 2007.

If you want to compare two different versions you can do it straight from Word. See:

SharePoint 2010

October 22, 2009

Jeff Taper, Corporate Vice President, SharePoint Server, Microsoft has released incredibly exciting news about SharePoint at this years conference.

For further information, please visit the team blog.