Show All Subsites on a Webpage (without using table of contents web part!)

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been lost under the radar when it comes to SharePoint but I am back!

I’ve had a large collection of subsites and no matter how much I tweaked the master.xml file that controls the number of sites you can have on a drop down menu, my table of contents web part simply would not display all subsites. Annoying.

However, a stroke of luck brought me to Michael Wilcox’s blog and here’s how you display a subsite on a webpage using SPDesigner 2007:

You can use SharePoint Designer to show a list of sub sites in a MOSS site.

An example of a sub site is a document workspace. An overview of all available sub sites provides an easy way for users to navigate to these workspaces.

1) Open your site in SharePoint Designer

2) Open the Data Source Library task pane

3) Connect to the XML Web Service that provides information about the sub sites.

 4) Add the information to your home page

You can drag and drop the newly created data source to your home page. A list of sub sites will be shown.

5) Change the way the information is shown.

By default a plain list of the sub sites will be shown. You can change this list, and for instance make the URL’s clickable. As you hover over the title field, right click and select:

  • Data Field: Title
  • Format as: Hyperlink

6) Amend the rest of the layout to suit your design.

Thanks Michael!


2 Responses to “Show All Subsites on a Webpage (without using table of contents web part!)”

  1. Andy Liddle Says:

    Hi this looks like exactly what i need. I create a subsite for every meeting in my calender and i was looking for a way to display all subsite.

    Quick question can the URL be releative to the site collection its running in.

    e.g. If my url is http://server/sites/meetings/_vti_bin/Webs.asmx?WSDL

    can just reference /_vti_bin/Webs.asmx?WSDL

    I want to deploy this to multiple slutions

  2. wylieshadow Says:

    i had this setup and then after my 2010 migration it was broken. is there a way to emulate or do better in 2010?

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