Creating Virtual Earth Map using SharePoint Designer

If you have a massive ERP or CRM system with hundreds of customers or client addresses, wouldn’t it be nice to see a lovely map of where they are located… anywhere in the world using Microsoft Virtual Earth?

SharePoint Designer is an incredible tool to use!

If you want to display a map underneath a display list which contains contact information, follow the step by step instructions given on this blog:

Multiple addresses are plotted using LON and LAT co-ordinates, so that involves quite a bit if work. You can re-use the list as given in the link below, create a lon and lat column and generate the co-ordinates using

Of course this is a long winded way to plot multiple data, you can simply change the parameters around to use address, zip code etc. instead.

Follow this blog to get detailed instructions on the “how to”. I found it easier to create a simple aspx page with  no master page first. Then create a page view to link up from a “sharepoint” page to the unbranded page. I found that with custom design pages javascript may make the map in a strange funky format.

Batchgencode was a great help.

Please note, there are codeplex webparts available for virtual earth.. but this is the nice, handcoded version if you want to know the nitty gritty. Link to Codeplex.


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