Content Types

Inheritance is incredibly it comes to Content Types. Some may say that it’s vital the Content Types are deployed as features rather than used Out of The Box.

I, however, would recommend that all content types are managed at all times from the root home of your site collection. I made a silly mistake where I added custom columns to a document library that had content type management, this in effect, broke inheritance from home to sub sites and inheritance cannot be filtered upwards.

When you amend content types at library level, it cannot be updated in any form from the home root. You either need to re-build the library or remove the content type and re-apply it. Also, when you remove the content type, you must remove all instances of it first.

I have been going through an exercise of re-attaching document libraries the long way, yes, manually. It gives me far better control of my documentation and I am becoming an expert in knowing what not to do when it comes to SharePoint libraries 🙂

Further information about content types can be found here:



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