How to save a site as a template in MOSS 2007

Ever wondered why you can’t save a publishing site as a template? Yup, I don’t either. You’ve probably designed a really great site using the publishing template, go to Site Actions, excitedly go to modify all site settings and you start… looking for save site as a template.

It’s a great feature in WSS 3.0… but it’s not readily available in MOSS 2007 AKA SharePoint 2007.

Never fear, help is here.

To save a publishing site as a template, go to the URL of your site, e.g and… add in _layouts/savetmpl.aspx

This will bring up a form which will ask for the name of the file you want to save, which incidently will create a .stp file, enter in name and description – I strongly suggest that you use this as it can be confusing to look for your site once you hit OK.

If you have created content in your site, tick “include content”, to be specific;

“Include content in your template if you want new Web sites created from this template to include the contents of all lists and document libraries in this Web site. Some customizations, such as custom workflows, are present in the template only if you choose to include content. Including content can increase the size of your template”.

Item security settings are not saved in a template, so make sure the publishing site you are creating doesn’t have anything specific to a document. General security settings are saved, e.g groups of people who have access to libraries etc.

Hit OK and your template has been saved.

When you create a new site, go to custom at the bottom of the page and you’ll see your site there.

Easy 🙂



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